Test Plot Tueday (7/4/17)


Many of the corn fields we have been scouting are already in the V8 stage or V9 stage. Our test plot, being planted late, is now in the V6 stage. In most fields, corn has formed a canopy over the rows. 

We have begun to see some diseases in fields. These include; common rust, smut, and eyespot. Though these may not be a major problem at this point, it is important to keep an eye on it in the future.

Pest and weed problems have been steady, with no new finds from last reports. Problems found with pests include; corn borer, stink bug, slug, and leaf miner. Problems found with weeds typically included; giant ragweed, common lambsquarter, giant foxtail,  and field horsetail. Although, most farmers have had their fields sprayed and taken care of these weed problems.

Another problem we have been seeing in fields includes deer, where they have either bitten off the top of plants or leaves.



The staging in soybeans is not as consistent as with the corn. We have been seeing anything from V4, as with our test plot and some others, to R1 stages. 

The only disease that we have found so far is brown leaf spot. This is a pretty common disease that can be found in many fields. 

Like corn fields, the pest and problems we have been finding have been consistent and most weed problems have been taken care of. Pests mostly include bean leaf beetles. Weeds include; giant ragweed, common lambsquarter, giant foxtail, and field horsetail.

Wildlife damage caused by deer can also be found in these fields, with deer biting off the tops of plants.








Agronomy Contacts:

Judd Larson 

Troy Peterson 

Kyle Iverson

Mike Horns

Sarah Smith