With easy access and quick pay at the pump service, stop and fill up your vehicle at the Waukon Feed Ranch Agronomy Center, just west of Waukon.  Fill up any vehicle!  Have a trailer, large vehicle, or just want to avoid the congestion at regualar gas stations?  We have lots of room to get in and out!



From left to right:

Pump 1:Regular unleaded : For all gasoline vehicles            

Pump 2: E15 :   For 2001 and newer vehicles

Pump 3: E 30  :  Flex Fuel vehicles

Pump 4: E85  :   Flex Fuel vehicles    


Separate Pump for Biodiesel       


Our fuel station is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with convient pay at the pump service taking all major credit or debit cards. Don't have a debit or credit card?  Stop in and ask about setting up a fuel card with us. Why wait in line when you can pump and go!


Now accepting WEX cards!

Wondering about the use of biodiesel?  Check out a few highlights from a recent Green Fleet of the month article:

  • Protecting the environment is Minnesota Voyageurs National Park's top priority
  • They are a firm believer in biodiesel and use it in all of the park's vehicles
  • B20 blend is a fuel of choice year-round
  • They have had no problems with biodiesel in temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero
  • Carlson, an employee of the park stated, "Make sure you use a proper winter additive, the same as with petroleum diesel and you won't have any issues at all"
  • "The positive effect of biodiesel has literally been visible with boats, our barge used to billow heavy smoke for several minutes while warming up in cooler weather,"  "but that's been cut to a negligible amount with the biodiesel blend."
  • "We use a Ford F-450 to pull a 1,000-gallon sewage pumper around.  We thought if anything would notice a loss in power with the B20 blend, it would be that vehicle.  But we were surprised when the driver said he couldn't tell the difference."
  • "For 17 years, we've been running our diesel fleet on biodiesel because it's better for the environment."