Meet our Staff

Senior Management

General Manager: Brad Herman

Assistant General Manager: Daniel Dykstra

Mill Office Manager: Kim Winters

(Left to Right): Daniel Dykstra, Kim Winters, Brad Herman




Department Head: Judd Larson

Front Row (Left to Right): Kyle Iverson, Sarah Smith, Zach Woodbeck, Rob Dehli

Back Row (Left to Right): Troy Peterson, Todd Leikvold, Judd Larson, Mike Horns, Wyatt Schott




Department Head: Paul Burroughs

Front Row (Left to Right): Manuel Ordonez, Charlie Perez, Rumaldo Lopez

Back Row (Left to Right): Andrew Monson, Keith Meyer, Paul Burroughs




Department Head: Jerry Hilgerson

Top photo (Left to right): Jerry Hilgerson, Wyatt Little, Will Little, Steve Johnson

Bottom photo (Left to right): Andrew Dornath, Brian Kerndt, Jeff Christianson, Corbett Grimstad




Department Head: Dwight Bacon

(Left to right): Dwight Bacon, Clint Tennell (Not pictured: Jim Johnson)




Department Head: Annette Franzen

(Left to right): Alex Michels, Richard Seibert, Joe Howard, Annette Franzen




(Left to right): Michelle Winkie, Jeff Martin, Tamara Monk



Mill Office 

(Left to right): Natalie Rasmussen, Sue Guyer, Charlotte Fish



Mechanic Shop


Department Head: Bryan Berns

(Left to right): Bryan Berns, Josh Smith, Dale Dahlstrom





Department Head: Jeff Monk 

(Left to right): Carlton Bakken, Jeff Monk, Corey Tieskoetter





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